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The Essential Pain and Peace of Life

In taking a stand for his truth, healing the pain of his past, and discovering a loving way of being himself, Jason offers a powerful and emotional account of self-discovery, spiritual awakenings, and uncovering his true worth.

From the Book

Ch. 3 Pain Helps Create Your Environment

When I learned to love myself, I leaned in more to what is trying to be communicated to me when the pain of my past would surface and what I needed to be strong and gentle with myself, to become more open to my true self as Peace. I began to become more comfortable with who I am and allowing myself to speak up and stand firm in my decision making for and about myself.

Ch. 8 Enjoying Being Who You Are

Society places weight and value in external validation and sadly, many have tried to meet this expectation. It's impossible to be who you are if you're constantly attempting to fit into a cookie cutter standard of you. Your worth is not dependent upon or measured by someone else's standards.

Ch. 9 You Are A Leader Too

From these definitions, I concluded that everyone can be a leader. These definitions didn't state that there were specific qualifications needed to lead or that I needed to be appointed by someone. It did stated that there had to be a destination, idea, or vision that people are being led to.

The Author

As a young man, Jason A. Benefield, lived solely by the perceptions of others, constantly seeking unconditional love and acceptance from external sources, due to an illness that he and his family never knew he had. Following an awakening, he was determined to discover a deeper truth and understanding  so, accordingly, he embarked on a journey of seeking wisdom, enlightenment and self-worth.

The Story Behind the Book

In 2006, I was involved in a multilevel marketing business. My teammates didn't believe that they were good enough to make money and build the team they desired. I noticed during conversations the lack of self-worth and understanding my teammates had so I created, "The Essential Peace of Life."

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